Reserve Sergeant Salm Alkreshat, aged 42, lost his life during an encounter with terrorists in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Alkreshat served as a pathfinder in the Northern Brigade of the Gaza Division.

The Israel Defense Forces press service stated that prior to Passover, soldiers from the Netzah Yehuda battalion, operating under the Northern Brigade of the Gaza Division, conducted a targeted operation in the Beit Hanoun area in the north of the Gaza Strip.

During this mission, they destroyed several terrorist infrastructure facilities, including multiple tunnel mines. Reserve Sergeant Salm Alkreshat was killed in action during an exchange of fire with terrorists.

Since the commencement of the ground operation on October 27, 2023, a total of 261 military personnel have been killed in Gaza.

Since October 7, 606 IDF soldiers have lost their lives due to terrorist attacks and subsequent conflicts, including the war in Gaza, near the Lebanon border, and as a result of terrorist attacks within Israel, Judea, and Samaria.