On the night of May 5, the IDF continued its operations in the Gaza Strip. Information regarding the progress of the conflict overnight was solely sourced from Gaza.

Throughout the previous night, the IDF conducted strikes on targets spanning the north, center, and south regions of the Gaza Strip. Reports increasingly highlight attacks on targets in Rafah. The intensity of the conflict in Gaza appears significant based on available information.

In the northern sector: The IDF targeted a site south of Zeitoun, situated on the eastern outskirts of Gaza City.

In the central sector: IDF strikes were carried out in the al-Zuwaydeh area, with additional attacks on targets along Salah ad-Din Road, north of Maghazi. Operations also took place east of the Maghazi camp, with IDF helicopters engaging targets in the eastern part of the central sector.

In the southern sector: The IDF targeted the residence of the Al-Shaer family in the Al-Salam area, east of Rafah, resulting in injuries. Furthermore, strikes were conducted in the Al-Janein area, east of Rafah, as well as on the residence of the Bahlul family in the Al-Salam area. Additional targets east of Rafah were also hit by IDF forces, alongside strikes within Rafah itself.

As of now, the IDF has refrained from providing commentary on the events unfolding in Gaza on May 5.