The IDF Spokesperson's Unit has released updates on the ongoing military operation in the northern and central regions of the Gaza Strip. Earlier reports detailed combat activities in Rafah, located in the southern sector.

The 99th HA-Bazak Division continues its operations in the Netzarim Axis region, situated in central Gaza. Their efforts aim to control the area and target militants affiliated with terrorist groups.

Soldiers from the 679th Isbat Yiftah brigade detected a group of militants entering a building from which they could potentially launch attacks against Israeli military personnel. The IDF responded by striking the building, resulting in the elimination of the militants.

On the evening of May 6, three rockets were launched from northern Gaza towards Israeli territory. Israeli defense systems intercepted two of the missiles. Subsequently, the IDF conducted strikes on the missile launch site and other targets in the northern sector.

Observers from the 414th Battalion identified a group of militants in the Beit Hanoun area, located in the northern sector. Upon receiving precise coordinates, the Israeli Air Force targeted and neutralized the terrorists.