Elma Avraham was abducted by Hamas terrorists on October 7 from Nahal Oz and later released as part of a deal with the terrorists. Upon her return to Israel, she was promptly airlifted to the hospital due to her critical condition requiring urgent medical attention.

Elma spent 163 days hospitalized at Soroka Hospital. Her condition was stabilized by doctors, as she had been on the brink of death after enduring 51 days of captivity in harsh conditions without medication. She had experienced multiple organ failures and required life support.

On Wednesday, May 8, she was discharged from the hospital. According to her son Uri Ravitz, after extensive and challenging treatment, Elma has regained her ability to walk and talk. She has returned to being the beloved mother and grandmother she was before.

Elma celebrated her 85th birthday in the hospital just a month ago. Her son emphasizes that their family never forgets about the remaining hostages held by Hamas who still need to be released.