Inspectors from the Ministry of Communications seized equipment at Al-Jazeera's Nazareth studio.

Minister Shlomo Karhi ordered the confiscation, accompanied by police from the Northern District. "We won't allow Hamas supporters to broadcast from Israel," he emphasized.

After consulting security services, the Knesset passed the "Al-Jazeera Law," allowing the Prime Minister to instruct the Communications Minister to take action if the channel threatens security. This includes removing it from TV lists, blocking its site, and seizing equipment.

Once the Minister receives confirmation from security services, he must submit his order to the district court within 24 hours. The court may modify or limit the ban for 45 days, and extend it by another 45. The law is effective until July 31, 2024, or the state of emergency ends.

Dubbed the "Al-Jazeera Law," it stemmed from the channel's disclosure of sensitive information during the war.