Atallah Abu Alia, a former Palestinian police officer, who was released from an Israeli prison about two months ago after serving nearly two years for involvement in terrorism, is suspected of planting a bomb adorned with a Palestinian flag near the Malachei Hashalom outpost in Binyamin County.

An Israeli was injured while attempting to remove the flag.

The suspect was apprehended earlier this week, and his name was cleared for publication on Thursday, May 9. According to Channel 14, the individual had previously served as a Palestinian police officer.

He had spent approximately two years under administrative arrest for his involvement in terrorism before his recent release.

The Channel 14 report highlights the terrorist's "illustrious past," citing Arab sources that published a photograph of him in a police uniform.

Notably, the official IDF and Shin Bet statement regarding his arrest did not mention his recent release from an Israeli prison or his prior service in the Palestinian police force.