IDF forces continue their operations throughout the Gaza Strip, with fighting occurring in Jabalia, Rafah, and the central part of the sector.

In Jabalia, 98th Division forces are engaged in combat. Soldiers from the Tzankhanim Brigade and the 460th Brigade successfully neutralized several groups of militants. Additionally, soldiers from the 7th Brigade coordinated with the air force to eliminate a group of militants who were firing at Israeli military positions.

In Rafah, the 162nd Division forces are still in action. Soldiers from the Givati Brigade, with air support, eliminated a militant who was firing mortars. Members of the 401st Brigade, along with the Air Force, also eliminated several militants and discovered caches of missiles and other weapons.

Meanwhile, 99th Division forces are operating in the central Gaza Strip. Soldiers from the 679th Brigade, supported by the Air Force, successfully neutralized a group of militants.

In the past 24 hours, the IDF conducted approximately 70 airstrikes targeting various locations in the Gaza Strip. These strikes targeted buildings used by militants, weapons depots, missile launchers, observation posts, and individual militant groups.