The IDF and Shin Bet reported that on May 21, Ahmad Yasser al-Qara was eliminated in Khan Yunis, a key commander of Hamas anti-tank forces. Al-Qara participated in the October 7 attack and numerous other attacks during the ensuing conflict.

Soldiers from the 414th unit of the 401st Brigade of the 162nd Division identified al-Qara's location. Before the strike, UAV surveillance recorded a moment when a child on a bicycle approached the shelter. The building was struck once the child was at a safe distance.

According to Israeli intelligence, Zahib Raed Abu Riba, a terrorist from Nukhba (Hamas special forces), and Anas Muhammad Abu Hasliha, an Islamic Jihad terrorist, were also killed along with Ahmad Yasser al-Qara.

Additionally, the IDF reported the elimination of five Hamas terrorists operating in the Fahmi al-Jarjawi school complex in Daraj Tuffah in the northern Gaza Strip.

Among those killed were Fadi Salim, the head of the local Hamas information service, one Nukhba militant, and three militants from the Hamas intelligence structure.