Prosecutors have presented an indictment to the Jerusalem District Court against 18-year-old Maataz Golme from Hebron and another defendant, a minor whose name is withheld. They stand accused of planning and executing a vehicular attack in the Romema neighborhood of Jerusalem on April 22.

According to the indictment, the defendants plotted a terrorist attack to cause harm to as many Jews as possible, driven by nationalist, religious, and ideological motives. They obtained Carlo weapons, knives, and an ax. The plan involved the minor driving the car towards people, while Golme would then exit the vehicle and open fire, using a knife to further harm individuals.

Disguised in black trousers and white shirts to resemble religious Jews, the minor changed the car's number to an Israeli one on the day of the attack. At around 7:30 AM, they arrived in the Romema neighborhood, where they encountered a group of people dressed in black suits, tzitzit, kippahs, and black hats.

The minor accelerated, targeting the crowd and causing multiple injuries as the car crashed into people, propelling some into the air. Despite the initial misfire of the weapon, Golme attempted to shoot at individuals before the minor, armed with a knife, joined in the attack.

Luckily, their attempts failed, and they fled the scene, abandoning their weapons and seeking refuge in a nearby building, where they were later apprehended by police officers.

The defendants face charges including organizing and executing a terrorist attack, attempted murder, weapon use in a terrorist act, aggravated assault resulting in severe bodily harm, illegal residence in Israel, and license plate forgery, among others.