The Prime Minister's office has denied reports that he received warnings from military intelligence, AMAN, about a possible attack from the Gaza Strip. A statement from his office called these claims false and said the referenced documents actually contain opposite assessments.

Two documents mentioned Hamas, indicating that the group does not want to attack Israel from Gaza and is interested in a truce.

The first document, dated March 19, 2023, states that Hamas plans to use the Gaza Strip as a last stronghold and focus its fight against Israel elsewhere.

The second document, dated May 31, 2023, recommends that Israel join “the trend of de-escalation” in the region and pursue a settlement with Hamas.

This assessment, shared by all security services, suggests Hamas was benefiting from Israel's deterrence effect and did not seek escalation.

The statement also noted Netanyahu's repeated warnings about the impact of Israeli disunity on its enemies. On July 17, 2023, Netanyahu cautioned that internal strife undermines Israel's deterrence, potentially encouraging enemy aggression. “Internal disagreements will not harm our determination to strike as necessary,” the statement concludes. “So it has been and so it will be.”