Before the start of the military cabinet meeting, which was set to discuss new proposals from the negotiating team regarding a deal with Hamas and the resumption of hostage release negotiations, the Prime Minister's Office issued a statement saying that Netanyahu rejects the negotiators' proposals.

“While Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly given the negotiating team an expanded mandate for the release of our abductees, Sinwar continues to demand an end to the war, the withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip, and keeping Hamas intact so that it can carry out atrocities again like on October 7. The messages coming from the negotiating team only harden Hamas' position, harm the families, and delay the release of our hostages."

Last week, the media reported that a new proposal for the deal was formulated by Reserve Major General Nitzan Alon, head of the headquarters for the search for abducted persons. Kan Bet radio noted that the document offers "a compromise on an issue causing disagreement between Israel and Hamas."