After being questioned by military police, the reservist who called for Gallant's resignation was released with restrictions.

To recall, the suspect posed in military attire against a backdrop of concrete ruins adorned with Hebrew graffiti, claiming to represent "100 thousand reservists" and declaring they would only follow the prime minister's orders.

According to, the suspect is a Likud activist from Herzliya. His lawyer, Shai Galili, claims that his client didn't advocate for the refusal of orders but instead, stated he wouldn't obey the Minister of Defense if orders exceeded authority. Galili argues escalating this to a criminal level is disproportionate.

It has come to light that the video wasn't filmed in Gaza but in central Israel. During interrogation, the reservist claimed he didn't intend to send it to journalist Yinon Magal, but to a friend. Disillusioned with progress after months of service, mainly in Judea and Samaria, he filmed the video independently.