Forces from the 98th, 99th, and 162nd Divisions, backed by the IDF Air Force and Navy, are ramping up ground operations in Gaza, engaging in various parts of the Strip.

Units of the 98th Division are active in the eastern Jabalia and northern sectors. Soldiers from the 7th and 460th Brigades have neutralized multiple militant groups, including mortar squads, and seized a significant cache of weapons.

Meanwhile, the 99th Division is operating in the central Gaza Strip. The 679th Brigade has intensified operations in the region, destroying several militant groups and uncovering an ammunition depot.

In the southern Gaza Strip, the 162nd Division's forces are expanding their offensive in the Rafah area. Soldiers from the 401st and Nahal Brigades conducted nighttime operations, targeting terrorists in the Philadelphia Corridor.

The IDF stresses that all combat operations are carried out with utmost care to minimize harm to civilians.