A survey by the Midgam Sociological Institute found that 81% of the ultra-Orthodox community agrees with rabbis who prohibit drafting young people not studying Torah into the army. About 50% believe studying the Torah helps Israel in wartime more than conscription.

The poll also shows that 65% of Haredim support withdrawing religious parties from the government coalition if yeshiva students are drafted to the army, according to Srugim.

Additionally, 86% of respondents believe that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports drafting ultra-religious young men into the army, the political partnership between religious parties and Likud could be broken.

A separate poll by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 68% of the ultra-religious community opposes encouraging young people to serve in the military, while 23% think some young people should be encouraged to enlist. Among those who consider themselves modern Haredim, 56% favor encouraging military service.