Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has invited National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir for a meeting at the Prime Minister's Office.

According to Keshet, Netanyahu plans to brief Ben-Gvir on the details of the emerging deal with Hamas and possibly show him the draft currently under discussion.

A day after US President Joe Biden presented the deal proposed by Israel, Ben-Gvir called it "unacceptable" and stated he would not remain in the government if it approved the deal.

Netanyahu did not invite Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich to the meeting.

It was reported that in conversations with close associates, Netanyahu denied claims that the emerging deal involves a complete cessation of military actions. Netanyahu stated that Biden did not mention some conditions that Israel specified in its proposal during his speech.

Simultaneously, criticism continues to be directed at the Prime Minister for not presenting the proposal to the security cabinet, discussing it only within the war cabinet instead. According to Kan, this decision was made to prevent potential information leaks.

Minister of Settlement Affairs Orit Strook called such actions illegal and illegitimate. "This is a severe blow to the atmosphere of trust within the government and to the soldiers of the IDF," she said.