The Israel Police says that by 7:30 PM today, 18 people had been arrested during the Jerusalem Day flag march.

The individuals are suspected of involvement in several incidents of violence in the Old City, possession of cold weapons, threats against police officers, and disorderly conduct.

Earlier, the police had reported the arrest of five Flag March participants, around 16 years old, on suspicion of attacking journalists near the Old City's Damascus Gate.

A state ceremony for Jerusalem Day is taking place at the Ammunition Hill memorial, where Israeli President Isaac Herzog spoke. He stated, "Jerusalem is our capital, Israel is our country, and we have no other."

The president also addressed the international community, saying, "Israel has been subjected to attacks by Hezbollah for several months, which is a blatant violation of all international agreements and resolutions. The world must wake up and realize that Israel has no choice but to protect its citizens. Do not be surprised when it acts decisively and firmly; do not complain when the situation gets out of control."

Tens of thousands of people are participating in the Flag March, and three thousand police officers have been deployed to ensure public order and safety.