AFP reports, citing an anonymous senior Israeli source involved in negotiations with Hamas, that dozens of hostages taken by Hamas to Gaza are still alive, and Israel is certain of this.

"We cannot leave them there for long; they will die," the source stated. He emphasized that these hostages are held by Hamas, not by Islamic Jihad or so-called "civilians."

The source noted that Israel is not ready to commit to ending the war until the hostages are returned and an agreement is signed. He reminded me that Israel and its intermediaries are still waiting for a response from Hamas. "Hamas could break its commitments and prolong negotiations for another decade," he warned.

The source also mentioned that the Israeli negotiation team has approved the plan proposed by US President Joe Biden for the hostages' release and is awaiting Hamas's response.

"If we do not reach an agreement with Hamas, the Israeli military will continue operations in Gaza as intensely as they are now," he said.