A video from northern Gaza, widely shared on social media, sparked hope among Israelis. It shows children following blogger Yahya Mahmoud, including two red-haired boys and an older boy with dark hair walking alone, while another child is carried.

Yahya Mahmoud initially wrote, “Here in northern Gaza, we live without fear. Help us, protect us from hunger.” This raised speculation among Israelis whether kidnapped Ariel and Kfir Bibas might be among the children.

Later, Yahya clarified that the red-haired boys were his relatives, not the missing children. He explained their family has a genetic predisposition to red hair. He shared a photo of all the red-haired children, highlighting their challenges, including disabilities and hunger.

Ifat Zeiler, cousin of Shiri Bibas, reposted the video, thanking supporters but acknowledging the ongoing uncertainty. She hopes to see Ariel and Kfir safely reunited in Israel.