IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari said in an interview with Channel 13 that Hamas is an idea and that an idea cannot be destroyed, countering claims to the contrary.

Hagari explained that to change the situation in the Gaza Strip, Hamas must be replaced with an entity that can provide humanitarian aid and public services to the population. He emphasized that only Israel's political leadership can decide who will be responsible for Gaza, noting this as the only way to weaken Hamas effectively.

When asked if the Palestinian Authority could be an alternative to Hamas in Gaza, Hagari responded that it is up to the political leadership to decide on alternatives, and the IDF will implement their decisions. He dismissed claims that Hamas can be completely destroyed as misleading the public.

"Hamas is an idea. Those who think it can be made to disappear are wrong," Hagari said.

In response to Hagari's interview, the Prime Minister's office issued a statement affirming that the war's goal is to destroy Hamas's military and governing abilities, and the IDF is committed to this goal.