Usama Hamdan, a member of the politburo of the terrorist organization Hamas, told Reuters that news in American media about any progress in the negotiation process with Israel does not match the situation on the ground.

Hamdan claims that during the negotiations held this week in Paris, no agreement was reached regarding the implementation plan of a deal on a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas.

The Hamas representative asserts that Israel repeatedly rejects proposals coming from the White House. Therefore, President Joe Biden's hopes for a swift ceasefire agreement in Gaza are premature.

According to Hamdan, the White House seeks to influence public opinion in the Arab world by revealing details of the alleged deal. He emphasized that any details published by the media are part of an American propaganda plan.

Expressing doubts about the productivity of the negotiations, Hamdan stated that the purpose of the meeting in Paris, attended by the heads of US, Egyptian, and Israeli intelligence, as well as the Prime Minister of Qatar, was to give the Israeli government more time to prepare for a new military operation in Rafah.