Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, who serves as Russia's special presidential representative for the Middle East and African countries, told TASS that Russia continues its contacts with Hamas to secure the release of Russian citizens captured by the group.

"Contacts are ongoing, of course, but it is impossible to conduct them under bombings. We have explained this to our Israeli colleagues. When we freed three more of our citizens, there were pauses in the military actions and conditions for representatives of the Red Cross to enter and take the hostages by agreement between us and the Palestinian structures," Bogdanov said.

He also stated that Russia is ready to convene another intra-Palestinian meeting, but the decision would ultimately depend on the Palestinian parties. "The more so that the situation provides for the continuation of consolidation amid the ongoing war," he added.

The previous intra-Palestinian meeting, attended by representatives of over ten organizations, was held in Moscow from February 29 to March 2. No specific agreements were reached during these meetings.