Hamas-run Ministry of Interior of the Gaza Strip reported that members of the Palestinian Authority's security service attempted to enter the Strip along with a humanitarian convoy. Ten of them were detained.

According to the statement, they were supervised by Majed Faraj, the Palestinian Authority's intelligence chief. "Their goal was to sow discord among our people," the statement said.

An official spokesperson for the group told the Hamas-affiliated website The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that representatives of the security services entered Gaza as part of a convoy from the Egyptian Red Crescent. It is claimed that the operation was coordinated with the Israeli side.

The PIC also claims that the Egyptian side was unaware of the actions of the PA security services. Hamas insists that all humanitarian aid is delivered to Gaza through the channels of "Palestinian resistance."

A Palestinian Authority official denied the Hamas accusations. "The statement of the so-called Ministry of Interior of Hamas lacks any factual basis. We will continue to assist our people but will not be drawn into a PR campaign at the expense of our people's suffering," the statement said.

At the same time, blogger Abu Ali has drawn attention to the official announcement of the deaths of two Palestinian intelligence officers in the northern Gaza Strip, who died while escorting a humanitarian convoy to the north of the sector.