US Defense Department spokesman Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said the Palestinians have received absolutely nothing from the humanitarian aid flowing into the Gaza Strip through the floating pier built by the US military.

According to him, 569 tons of humanitarian assistance have been unloaded at the pier since May 17, but it is unclear how to ensure its safe delivery to those in need. Ryder said the US, UN, and Israel are working to create safe corridors through which it can be delivered.

Ryder said that until recently, cargo was stored directly on the shore, but on May 21, their transportation to warehouses located in the Strip began.

As CNN reported, a few days ago, an attempt was made to remove the aid, which was prevented by local residents who looted it. Ryder also admitted that looting takes place. 

The floating pier cost approximately $320 million. It was assumed that 500 tons of cargo would be delivered daily to the Strip.