The medical journal Lancet has published an article examining the number of Gazans killed due to the ongoing military actions between Israel and Hamas. Authors Rasha Khatib, Martin Makki, and Salim Yusuf suggest that the death toll from the conflict could exceed 186,000 people, nearly 8% of the Gazan population.

The authors rely on data from the Gaza Ministry of Health, affiliated with Hamas, stating that as of June 19, 2024, 37,396 people have died in the region. This figure has not been disputed by the UN or Israeli authorities. Additionally, the article mentions that another 10,000 bodies may be buried under the rubble of buildings.

However, the authors argue that these figures do not account for indirect losses resulting from food shortages, and the destruction of medical and other vital infrastructure. Notably, even Hamas has not made such claims.

"In previous conflicts, indirect casualties have been three to 15 times greater than direct casualties. If we take a conservative estimate of four times the direct casualties, we can conclude that the total number of victims is 186,000 or more," the authors state. They call for an immediate ceasefire, access to food, clean water, and medical care, and recall that the International Court of Justice has ordered Israel to refrain from actions that could lead to accusations of genocide.