Lama Tatour, former host of a cultural program on Israeli Channel 12, alleged in an interview with Qatari channel Al Jazeera that she was fired from her job solely because she is Arab.

"From the start of this conflict, we were silenced, prevented from expressing ourselves," she lamented. "It's a very difficult situation, and I feel isolated."

Tatour's dismissal came after she posted a controversial message on Instagram regarding Noa Argamani, a released hostage. Tatour criticized Argamani's appearance, questioning how she could look well-groomed after months in captivity. This sparked an immediate backlash, leading to Tatour's removal from the air by Keshet, her employer. Keshet condemned her remarks, stating they were unacceptable.

Following her dismissal, Tatour faced severe online harassment, prompting her to deactivate her social media accounts. She claimed that fake accounts were created in her name to spread malicious content.