Thousands of anti-government protesters participated in a rally in Tel Aviv during the "Day of Obstruction," demanding the government secure a deal with Hamas to return hostages and call for early elections.

Einav Zangauker, whose son Matan has been held captive by Hamas for nine months, was raised in a "hostage cage" above the crowd. She accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of sabotaging the deal. "Netanyahu, put aside your personal and political interests and bring home those you have abandoned," she said.

This followed a statement from the Prime Minister's Office, outlining Netanyahu's four principles for negotiating with Hamas:

  1. The deal will allow Israel to continue fighting until all war goals are achieved.
  2. Conditions will prevent Hamas from smuggling weapons from Egypt.
  3. Thousands of armed terrorists will not return to the northern Gaza Strip.
  4. The maximum number of living hostages will be included in the deal.

Netanyahu is confident the proposed deal, supported by President Biden, will return the hostages without compromising other war goals.

Protests also took place in other cities across Israel. In Jerusalem, demonstrators split into groups and attempted to breach police barriers near the Netanyahu family home on Aza Street.