IDF unveils plan to establish ultra-Orthodox brigade

The IDF is planning to establish a brigade comprising approximately 3,000 ultra-Orthodox men.

Rabbi Tzadka condemns Yeshiva draft plans as malicious

Rabbi Tzadka believes that proponents of the new conscription law seek to gradually exert control over the ultra-Orthodox community.

Netanyahu honors fallen soldier by wearing his Tefillin

Benjamin Netanyahu shared a photo of him wearing tefillin (phylacteries) on his X account.

Calcalist: Nepotism flourishes in the Chief Rabbinate

The Ashkenazi and Sephardic Chief Rabbis are tasked with forming a committee to select new Chief Rabbis, with many candidates being their siblings.

Rabbi urges anti-Israel protesters to refrain from using his songs

Previously, Menachem Creditor was listed in Newsweek magazine's ranking of the 50 most influential rabbis in America.

Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef: 'Miracles are happening in Israel during the war because of yeshiva students'

He also said that ultra-Orthodox Jews would leave Israel if forced to serve in the army

Over 20,000 Ukrainian Jews participate in Passover seders

Over 20,000 Jews from approximately 100 settlements participated in Passover seders organized by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine.