The IDF radio station reported that the IDF is planning to establish a brigade comprising approximately 3,000 ultra-Orthodox men.

Only those soldiers who pass a test demonstrating compliance with the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle will be eligible to serve in the brigade.

Furthermore, the command staff will consist exclusively of religious individuals, with no women included. Gender segregation will be maintained throughout the duration of service, including during ceremonies and excursions.

According to the radio station, the new battalion will be exclusively composed of Orthodox individuals, distinct from religious Zionists who serve in similar structures.

Soldiers will adhere to the highest standards of kashrut (mehadrin) in their dietary requirements and will be allotted an hour each day for Torah study.

This plan garnered support following a meeting between the head of the General Staff Personnel Directorate and several ultra-Orthodox rabbis.

Among those endorsing the initiative is Rabbi David Leibel, who, as per sources close to him, seeks to preserve the legitimacy of the Torah world and navigate it through the crisis stemming from the cessation of funding for ultra-Orthodox yeshivas.