Israeli actress Noah Tishby commented on the red "Artists for a Ceasefire" pins worn by Billie Eilish, Mark Ruffalo, and other celebrities at the Academy Awards.

Tishby wrote on her X page (formerly Twitter): "If you call for a ceasefire without demanding the release of hostages, you are promoting the Hamas agenda and questioning Israel's right to self-defense."

She also noted the absence of yellow badges, symbolizing support for hostages abducted by Hamas on October 7.

Tishby referred to actor Ramy Youssef ("The Lost and Lost"), who also wore a red badge to the ceremony. Youssef stated, "It's a universal message: Let's stop killing children."

Tishby criticized the protestors, stating, "It was Hamas that attacked Israel on October 7, violating the truce. Since then, Hamas has consistently rejected numerous ceasefire proposals. Hamas isn't interested in a ceasefire; it wants to kill Jews and sacrifice Palestinians. If these artists truly cared about a ceasefire, they would pressure Hamas instead of attacking Israel."

The actress argued that the red badges are, at best, a manifestation of subconscious antisemitism and, at worst, a deliberate attack on Jews.

She called for a fight against the manipulative actions of Hollywood celebrities, which promote the Hamas agenda worldwide.