In an interview with the Spanish-language news channel Univision Noticias, US President Joe Biden criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policy regarding the Gaza Strip, calling it erroneous. "I do not share his approach. He is making a mistake," stated the American leader.

Biden urged Israel to declare a ceasefire lasting six to eight weeks, allowing the people of Gaza to access food and medicine freely.

"There is no excuse for this not happening," he emphasized, noting that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan are prepared to provide food aid.

Additionally, Biden expressed outrage over the deaths of seven employees of the charity World Central Kitchen.

During the extensive interview, the topic of the release of Israeli hostages, held by Hamas for over six months, was not discussed.

In response to an inquiry from Israeli journalist Yuna Leibzon, a White House source indicated that, from the president’s perspective, the ceasefire and the return of the hostages are closely interconnected.

Note: As the US presidential election approaches, Biden faces increasing pressure from the left flank of the Democratic Party, which advocates halting the supply of weapons to Israel.