In an interview with Japanese television channel NHK, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, criticized the IDF military operation in Gaza, stating, "The level of destruction is absolutely unacceptable."

Guterres added, "The problem is that the military operation is being carried out in such a way that the number of civilian casualties and the destruction of civilian infrastructure is unprecedented."

He emphasized the importance of adhering to international law and international humanitarian law, stating, "The rule of law must be a priority, and the decisions of the International Court must be respected. This is not an opinion but a decision that has force. Israel must comply with this decision."

On May 24, the International Court of Justice in The Hague announced a decision on South Africa's claim for an injunction to halt the war in Gaza. As expected, the court demanded an end to the military operation in Rafah.

The decision stated, "Israel is obliged to immediately cease military operations and any actions in the Rafah area that could negatively impact the civilian population of the city." The court also demanded that Israel immediately open the Rafah crossing and provide access to Gaza for representatives of any investigative body chosen by the United Nations. Israel is required to report on the measures it has taken within one month. Thirteen votes were cast in favor of the decision, while representatives of Israel and Uganda voted against it.

Documents previously released by the International Court of Justice indicated that South Africa blamed Israel for the "irreparable damage" caused by the deployment of troops in Rafah. The lawsuit stated that Israel had taken control of the Rafah border crossing and controlled the Kerem Shalom crossing, which threatened the flow of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip and the ability of hospitals to function.

Israel categorically denies these accusations, emphasizing that no restrictions were imposed on the volume of humanitarian aid entering the Gaza Strip and that the operation in Rafah is carried out with pinpoint precision, targeting only Hamas militants.