Director Quentin Tarantino was harassed by blogger and pro-Palestinian activist Crackhead Barney, who gained fame for confronting actor Alec Baldwin. Barney had previously demanded Baldwin say "Free Palestine." This time, her target was Tarantino, who lives in Israel with his wife Daniela Pick and openly supports Israel. In a video recorded by Barney, Tarantino is seen trying to have lunch at a New York restaurant when the half-naked blogger approaches his table and calls him "Zionist piece of s***." The video, posted on social media, includes a photo of Tarantino visiting an Israeli military base shortly after the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7.

Several activists supporting Barney gathered near the restaurant. Tarantino was forced to leave, accompanied by his driver, while Barney shouted “Freedom for Palestine.” She partially tore off her bra and pursued Tarantino as he got into his car.