Freed Hamas hostage Amit Sussana participated in a White House event raising awareness on sexual violence in war zones, hosted by US Vice President Kamala Harris. "We cannot look away and we will not be silent," stated Harris.

"On October 7, Hamas committed horrific acts of sexual violence. I saw images of bloodied Israeli women abducted, and I am aware of rape and gang rape at the Nova music festival,  and women's bodies were found naked from the waist down, hands tied behind their backs, and shot in the head," the Vice President said.

Soussana herself also addressed the audience of the event.

"I don't see myself as a victim. I am a strong, independent woman, and no one can change that. The sexual assault I experienced should never happen to anyone under any circumstances. Now, I must speak about the horrific experiences that captured hostages continue to face," she said.

The event featured the film" 'Screams Before Silence," which details the sexual crimes committed by the Hamas terrorist group. The film was created by Sheryl Sandberg, a former member of Facebook's board of directors and ex-COO of Meta Platforms.