Leading New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, close to the White House, has suggested that the Biden administration issue an ultimatum to Israel to end military operations against Hamas and withdraw from the Gaza Strip.

Friedman argues that Israel cannot resolve the Iranian threat militarily or diplomatically and faces a potential three-front war with Lebanon, Gaza, and the West Bank, especially with Hezbollah targeting Israel with precision missiles.

He criticized the invitation for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the American Congress, suggesting it aims to divide Democrats and shows disloyalty to President Biden.

Friedman urged Israel to meet Hamas' demands, citing the difficulty of rational thinking while hostages are held. He believes Secretary of State Antony Blinken should halt Middle East visits until both sides accept a plan for Israel's complete troop withdrawal from Gaza, the return of hostages, and an end to hostilities.

While acknowledging this might let Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar claim victory, Friedman believes it would merely revert the situation to pre-October 7, 2023, conditions.