Journalists and opinion leaders from India, including Indian Muslims, visited Kibbutz Kfar Aza, which suffered a brutal attack by Hamas terrorists on Black Saturday on October 7.

“Hamas does not want land or agreements. It seeks to destroy the State of Israel and kill Israelis - one and all. It was a sobering realization of a terrible fact,” said Shefali Vaidya, an author and blogger with 750 thousand readers.

The delegation included journalists and TV presenters from India; the seven-day trip was organized at the initiative of the Sharaka organization, which advocates for the creation of a new peaceful Middle East.

"We were walking peacefully around the kibbutz on a perfect winter day under a blue sky with a shining sun, and the village looked deceptively peaceful. But what happened at Kibbutz Kfar Aza on October 7, 2023 was anything but peaceful. We knew it when we saw "Houses with bullet holes in the walls, burned and collapsed roofs, charred sofas, broken electrical appliances and scary signs on every door: a dot in a circle, painted in red paint. These signs, left by the Israeli military, meant that human remains had been found in the house."

“As I looked at the faces of the smiling kibbutz residents who were killed here..., I could not help but think that we had witnessed the senseless destruction caused by the endless hatred of Hamas,” she continued, “Did this change my point of view on Israel and its enemies? Not really, I was already on Israel’s side. But no matter how many articles I read, no matter how many videos I watch, this experience will stay with me forever.”