The IDF press office released drone footage depicting an attack on aid trucks in the northern Gaza Strip.

The footage shows hundreds of people surrounding the trucks, with many climbing onto them, while the crowd continues to encircle the vehicles as they move.

Some footage also captures bodies lying on the ground as the trucks pass by, surrounded by crowds.

The IDF reported, "The crowd attacked the trucks, resulting in dozens of casualties due to crushing or potentially being run over."

Earlier, the IDF stated that during the entry of a convoy with humanitarian aid into the northern Gaza Strip, a large crowd of local residents gathered at the site, leading to a stampede.

As a result, some of the humanitarian cargo was looted, and dozens were injured. IDF soldiers accompanying the convoy opened fire when the crowd approached them, prompting an investigation.

The Gaza Ministry of Health (a Hamas structure) reported numerous casualties from Israeli military shelling of a "group of civilians" in the northwest of the strip.

The Kamal Adwan hospital in Jabaliya (northern Gaza Strip) confirmed ten deaths and dozens of injuries from the shelling.

Meanwhile, social media circulated rumors of around 100 casualties from "shelling on a group of civilians waiting on Al-Rashid Street, west of Gaza City, for the arrival of trucks with humanitarian aid."

Although many photos and videos depicting casualties were shared, the exact number remains unconfirmed.

Subsequently, the Gaza Ministry of Health released casualty figures, citing over 80 dead and approximately 700 injured or wounded. Hamas media labeled the incident the "Al-Rashid massacre" and held Israel responsible.