During a government meeting on the morning of March 17, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a sharp critique of US President Joe Biden, whose administration has increasingly criticized the actions of the Israeli cabinet.

"The international pressure on us is mounting. Some are pushing to halt our operation before it achieves its goals. They're leveling baseless accusations against the IDF, the Israeli government, and myself. They're even advocating for elections during this conflict," he stated.

"I must ask our allies, do they have a short memory? Have they so quickly forgotten October 7, the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust? Is it premature to defend Israel's right to self-defense after the onslaught by Hamas?" he asked.

Netanyahu emphasized that Israel is engaged in a just war, urging that pressure should be directed at Hamas and its Iranian sponsors, rather than at him.

It's worth recalling that President Biden supported Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's recent call for early elections in Israel, asserting that Netanyahu had veered off course.

"Great speech," Biden commented on Schumer's remarks.