Kan-11, citing a source familiar with the negotiations' progress in Qatar, reported that Israel has expressed readiness to release 700 Palestinian prisoners from custody in exchange for 40 abducted individuals.

According to the channel, Israel is currently assessing Hamas' demand that, for each kidnapped soldier, seven Palestinian prisoners serving life sentences should be freed.

Additionally, Hamas insists that Israel cannot alter the list of terrorists whose release the group is requesting. If Israel holds veto power in this matter, the "price" for each soldier's freedom will escalate.

"If the deal goes through, terrorists will be released with blood on their hands, which will be challenging for Israeli society and us to accept. But there's no other option; this is the cost of the deal," a source quoted by the TV channel stated.

The channel also reported that the head of Mossad was slated to meet with members of the narrow cabinet that evening to brief them on the war's progress and the negotiations in Qatar.

However, the meeting was abruptly canceled at the last minute, supposedly because Israel is awaiting a response from Hamas, expected within the next two days.