Amit Soussana, who was held hostage by Hamas for 55 days, told The New York Times about her ordeal in the Gaza Strip, including incidents of sexual violence.

Soussana, 40, said she was held alone in a child's bedroom, chained by her left ankle. She recounted how sometimes the guard would enter, sit beside her on the bed, lift her shirt, and touch her. She was forced to commit a sexual act on him at gunpoint.

Soussana was abducted by terrorists from Kfar Aza on October 7. Security footage from a solar farm near the kibbutz captured a video with Soussana, which was widely circulated on the internet. It shows how at least ten terrorists were struggling with the woman while dragging her to Gaza.

Soussana grew up in Sderot and moved to Kfar Aza a year ago. She graduated from Sapir College, qualified as a lawyer, and worked for a law firm specializing in intellectual property. On the morning of October 7, she had messaged her parents, saying she was hiding from militants in a reinforced safe room. Then, communication with her was cut off.