Chief of the General Staff Herzi Halevi issued a special statement marking six months since the start of the war.

He addressed the return of the hostages, the army's readiness for potential conflict with Iran, and the ongoing hostilities in the Gaza Strip.

"While life may seem normal to many, our military continues to fight heroically. Though the home front may not sense it, the soldiers' families certainly do. We're engaged in a multi-front war. There's no cause for panic, but there's also no room for complacency. We must stay vigilant and maintain high readiness," said Herzi Halevi.

The Chief of the General Staff emphasized the urgency of returning the hostages as a top priority.

"We're doing everything to bring back all those abducted as quickly as possible," he stated, underscoring his personal responsibility for their return.

Regarding the Iranian threat, Halevi affirmed the IDF's readiness for defensive and offensive action against Iran, noting cooperation with the US and regional partners.

Discussing the situation on the northern borders, Halevi clarified that residents would only return home when it's safe, which may take more time.

"We're engaged in fighting in the north and preparing for potential conflict. Our readiness level is very high," he assured.

Halevi acknowledged that not all war objectives have been met, including the return of the hostages and residents to their homes, and the dismantling of Hamas in Gaza.

"The situation is complex with no easy solutions... Some goals will take time, but we won't stop until we achieve them," he affirmed.

He added that the IDF is examining the reasons for the October 7 failure to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

When asked about Benjamin Netanyahu's statement on Israel being one step away from victory, Halevi pointed out the significant weakening of Hamas, although IDF presence in Gaza continues.