The IDF is gearing up to expand military operations in the Gaza Strip and initiate action in Rafah. In connection with this, a tent city for refugees is being set up in Khan Yunis.

According to Israel Hayom's report on Tuesday, April 23, the tent city emerged in the latest satellite images of the area.

Previously, The Wall Street Journal mentioned that preparations for evacuating Rafah residents and refugees from the northern part of the Gaza Strip, who have been residing in similar tent cities in Rafah for months, will take two to three weeks. This evacuation will be coordinated with the United States, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and other involved countries.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that civilians are planned to be evacuated before any military operation in the area commences. The military aims to relocate Gazans to humanitarian enclaves within the strip, where they'll receive essential provisions like food, water, housing, and medical services.

Preparations are in progress to relocate civilians from Rafah to nearby Khan Yunis and other areas, as per Egyptian officials' brief on Israel's plans. Cairo anticipates that the operation to evacuate Rafah residents will last two to three weeks, coordinated with the United States, Egypt, and other Arab nations like the United Arab Emirates. However, it's expected that the conflict in Rafah will endure for at least six weeks.