Several hundred people gathered for a protest near the entrance to the HaKiriya General Headquarters in Tel Aviv, demanding the immediate release of Israeli citizens held captive by Hamas for 202 days. Among the demonstrators are relatives of the abducted.

According to Israel Hayom, the headquarters of the families of the abducted displayed a large screen showing a video released by Hamas featuring the hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin.

Ella Ben Ami, whose mother was freed as part of a deal with Hamas while her father, Ehud, remains in captivity, recounted an encounter with her mother. After taking her mother to the hospital, her mother remarked on the heat, to which Ella's mother responded, "It's much hotter in Gaza."

Ben Ami stressed, "We can't complain about the heat because they don't have a moment's relief from the scorching conditions in Gaza. These people deserve to be with their families, to be free. They are Israeli citizens, and it's imperative for their safety that they be brought home immediately." She directed her plea to the Israeli leadership.

Protesters blocked streets, displaying posters featuring images of the abducted and demanding their immediate release under the slogan "Deal now!"