On Friday, May 10, Naeem Ghoul, a senior Hamas operative of the Shati battalion, was killed during a joint operation between the IDF and Shin Bet in the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli intelligence services, the eliminated militant was involved in rocket attacks on Israeli territory and was also responsible for holding Corporal Noa Marciano captive, who was kidnapped on October 7 and later killed in Gaza.

A statement from the IDF Spokesperson's Unit notes that three months ago, another militant who participated in holding Noa Marciano captive was eliminated in the Gaza Strip.

The body of 19-year-old Noa Marciano was found on the premises of the Shifa Hospital and was transported from the Gaza Strip to Israel.

Hamas claimed that the Israeli captive was killed in an IDF airstrike. However, according to intelligence and the Shin Bet, on November 9, the terrorist guarding Noa Marciano was killed and the girl was wounded as a result of an IDF airstrike. Forensic experts concluded that her wound was not fatal. She was then transferred to Shifa Hospital, where she was killed by a Hamas terrorist.