The 98th Division continues combat in northern Gaza, in the Jabalia area, while the 162nd Division is in Rafah in the south.

Dozens of Hamas targets have been struck in Rafah in the past 24 hours. The 401st and Givati ​​Brigades are operating in the eastern part, destroying several militant groups and uncovering weapons and tunnel entrances.

In Jabalia, over 150 militants have been killed since May 2024. Multiple launchers were targeted, and many missiles were found. Soldiers from the Tzanhanim, 7th, and 460th Brigades are involved. Some militants hiding among civilians were captured, with weapons discovered near schools.

The 99th Division concluded operations in Zaytoun on May 15. Soldiers from the 2nd Brigade have eliminated several terrorists recently, while the 2nd and 679th Brigades are engaged in combat in central Gaza.