The IDF is continuing to investigate reports of multiple civilian casualties resulting from a fire following an Israeli airstrike on Hamas headquarters in Rafah.

Israel's Chief Military Prosecutor, Yifat Tomer-Yerushalmi, has ordered a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, an independent body.

An IDF statement emphasized that the attack was carried out with precision weapons based on preliminary intelligence. The military stated, "Multiple measures were taken before the attack to minimize harm to bystanders."

It is important to note that the target was not situated in the al-Mawasi humanitarian area, where displaced people are primarily concentrated. The IDF had urged residents of the Gaza Strip to evacuate to avoid entering the combat zone.

Nevertheless, the IDF expressed regret over the civilian casualties.

As previously reported, an IDF drone strike targeted an area in Tal al-Sultan in northwestern Rafah. Yassin Rabiyya, head of the Judea and Samaria headquarters of the Hamas terrorist group, along with another member, Khalid Najjar, were eliminated.

The Gaza Ministry of Health, run by Hamas, reported at least 30 deaths and numerous injuries due to a fire following an IDF strike on a target in northwestern Rafah, where a displaced persons' camp was situated. The cause of the fire remains unclear. It's possible that ammunition stored at the terrorist headquarters led to secondary explosions, igniting the tent camp.