Forces of the 162nd Division continue to operate in the Rafah area. The IDF has released information about the circumstances under which three members of the Nahal Brigade were killed on May 28.

According to the data, the Israeli military was fired upon with anti-tank grenades from the school building of the Near East Relief Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). Subsequently, soldiers from the 12th Brigade engaged in a battle with the terrorists.

The school complex also housed a mosque and a clinic. Soldiers from the 50th Battalion of the Nahal Brigade were sent to clear the clinic building, where the militants might have been hiding. When the soldiers entered the clinic and began their search, the militants detonated a powerful explosive device planted at the entrance to a tunnel inside the medical facility. The explosion killed three servicemen: Senior Sergeants Amir Galilov, Uri Bar Or, and Ido Appel. An officer and two other soldiers from this unit were seriously wounded.

The IDF noted that many weapons, including grenades and grenade launchers, were found at the UNRWA compound in Rafah.