Kan 11 published a document, “Detailed Preparations for a Mass Invasion,” compiled by an unnamed intelligence official in the Gaza Division on September 19, 2023, detailing Hamas’s rehearsals for an invasion of Israel.

The document describes the process of preparing various Hamas units for the assault on Israeli bases, carried out at training grounds built in the Gaza Strip, including overcoming the security fence, neutralizing “see-and-shoot” systems, capturing key premises (headquarters, command and control centers, synagogues, communication points, Living spaces).

According to the drafters of the document, the invasion plan called for the abduction of 200-250 Israelis, and included detailed instructions regarding the treatment of hostages, their placement, and the circumstances under which they were to be killed.

Military sources confirmed that the document was known to intelligence leadership at least at the division level, but was completely ignored. The worst-case scenario for which the division was preparing included an attempted invasion by three groups consisting of several dozen terrorists each.

The initial results of the Army's review of the decision-making process in the period leading up to the invasion will be presented to IDF Chief of General Staff Herzi HaLevi in ​​two weeks.