For the second consecutive evening, anti-Israeli demonstrations occurred in the Jordanian capital. Police and gendarmerie prevented the crowd from approaching the Israeli embassy.

According to, two demonstrators were arrested for attempting to breach the security forces' cordon. The publication reports that over 10,000 people are participating in the demonstration organized by a youth organization.

The demonstrators are demanding that the Jordanian government take concrete actions to "halt Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people."

They are calling for the cancellation of all agreements with Israel, including the peace treaty (Wadi Araba agreement) and the gas agreement, as well as a prohibition on the transportation of goods from the Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and an embargo on vegetable exports. also notes that the demonstrators believe Amman should cease military cooperation with the United States, which, according to the demonstration organizers, "is responsible for the aggression in the Gaza Strip."

Additionally, the protesters are advocating for the borders to be opened to Jordanian youth who wish to join the Palestinian resistance.