The New York Times reports that former US President Barack Obama harbors serious concerns about the possibility of current President Joe Biden losing the election campaign and Donald Trump being re-elected.

According to the publication, Obama regularly engages in phone conversations not only with Biden but also with White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients and other senior administration officials.

"One source in the American administration revealed that Obama sees Trump's victory as disastrous for the Democratic Party and has always feared Biden's potential defeat," the publication stated.

The article also mentions a charity concert scheduled for March 28 at New York's Radio City Music Hall, aimed at raising donations for the Biden campaign. Both the current president and former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are expected to attend.

Against this backdrop, it's worth noting that as the presidential elections draw closer, Biden and other members of the American administration are increasingly adopting a critical stance towards Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip. This critical stance echoes the policies of the Obama administration.