The International Court of Justice has commenced proceedings for Nicaragua's lawsuit against Germany, alleging Germany's facilitation of the 'genocide of the Palestinians.'

The lawsuit demands that Germany cease all military and other cooperation with Israel.

Nicaraguan Ambassador to the Netherlands, Carlos José Arguello Gomez, leading the Nicaraguan delegation, stated, 'The case before the court concerns the lives and well-being of thousands and the destruction of an entire population. Germany failed in its obligation to prevent genocide and uphold international law.'

Although the lawsuit isn't formally directed at Israel, it essentially targets the Jewish state.

'If Israel continues to act with the same leniency it has since its establishment, with support from states like Germany, future generations of Palestinians will revolt,' the diplomat remarked.

Responding to these assertions, lawyer Tania von Uslar-Gleichen from the German delegation labeled them biased. She added that the German delegation will provide a response during their court appearance on April 9.